The main types of high-speed steel

High-speed steel is a complex steel with carbon content generally between 0.70 and 1.65%. Containing a large amount of alloying elements, the total amount can reach 10-25%.
According to the different alloying elements contained, it can be divided into:
①Tungsten series high-speed steel (containing 9-18% tungsten);
②Tungsten-molybdenum series high-speed steel (containing 5-12% tungsten, 2-6% molybdenum);
③High-molybdenum high-speed steel (containing 0~2% tungsten, 5~10% molybdenum);
④Vanadium high-speed steel, according to the difference of vanadium content, is divided into high-speed steel with general vanadium content (1~2% vanadium content) and high vanadium content (2.5~5% vanadium);
⑤ Cobalt high-speed steel (containing 5-10% cobalt).
According to different purposes, high-speed steel can be divided into two types: general purpose and special purpose.
①General-purpose high-speed steel: mainly used to manufacture cutting tools (such as drills, taps, saw blades) and precision tools (such as hobs, gear shapers, and broaches) for metal materials with a cutting hardness of HB≤300. Commonly used steel grades are W18Cr4V, W6Mo5Cr4V2, etc.
②Special purpose high-speed steel: Including cobalt high-speed steel and super-hard high-speed steel (hardness HRC68~70), mainly used to make tools for cutting difficult-to-machine metals (such as high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys and high-strength steels, etc.), commonly used steel grades There are W12Cr4V5Co5, W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 and so on.
General purpose steel
Steel grade: W18Cr4V(W18)
Hardness HRC: 62-65
Flexural strength/GPa: 3.0-3.4
Impact toughness/(MJm²): 0.18-0.32
Hardness HRC at 600℃: 48.5
Features: good strength, good grindability, can be ground with ordinary corundum grinding wheel, medium heat resistance, poor thermoplasticity
Main application: It has strong versatility and is widely used in the manufacture of drills, reamers, taps, milling cutters, gear cutters and broaches.
High performance steel
Steel grade: W6Mo5Cr4V2(M2)
Hardness HRC: 63-66
Flexural strength/GPa: 3.5-4.0
Impact toughness/(MJm²): 0.30-0.40
Hardness HRC at 600℃: 47-48
Features: high strength, good thermoplasticity, heat resistance and grindability slightly inferior to W18Cr4V, and can be ground with ordinary corundum grinding wheels
Main purpose: suitable for making hot forming tools and tools that bear impact and have weak structures
Steel grade: W14Cr4VMnRE
Hardness HRC: 64-66
Flexural strength/GPa: about 4.0
Impact toughness/(MJm²): about 0.31
Hardness HRC at 600℃: 50.5
Main application: The cutting performance is equivalent to W18Cr4V, suitable for making hot-rolled cutting tools.

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