HSS Steel Advantages

Choose high speed tool steel to create cutting and forming tools that outpace other alloys. Select a popular grade of tool steel and enjoy extreme hardness and reliability in high-heat, high-impact and high-speed applications. These features are what make this tool steel a popular choice for cutting tools.

Work with high speed tool steel and you won’t experience as much maintenance and breakdown due to its abrasion resistance. This rugged option outpaces many other alloys in industrial applications where minor abrasion and other defects can compromise the quality of the components.
A dull tool is wasted time. Your employees need to stop your production, identify the issue with your tooling and determine whether you need a replacement or a sharpening service. All this time and energy results in extra costs. By increasing the hardness and abrasion resistance, high-speed tooling reduces downtime and results in a more affordable production line.

Post time: Nov-08-2021