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Non-magnetic spiral drill collars is based on the high torque performance of the drill pipe, using single spiral blade or double spiral blade, processed and welded by pre-stressed winding process. The high-quality alloy structural steel is selected and treated with real air conditioning, which greatly improves the fatigue strength and shear strength. Using advanced friction welding production technology, the drill collars has the characteristics of high bending strength and firm welding. The production equipment completely adopts advanced numerical control processing equipment, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and stable quality. It can ensure the straightness requirements for deep hole drilling.

Non-magnetic spiral drill collars has the characteristics of fast drilling speed, good drilling shape, high drilling efficiency, greater torque, stable operation, automatic locking of spring pins, and convenient and quick disassembly. When drilling deep holes, the drill rod is equipped with a split pin at the same time, which increases the transmission torque and greatly reduces the loss of the drill rod. And it adopts plug-in threaded connection, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble, good sealing, high tensile strength, and high quality of piles. Good verticality, easy to disassemble and install.

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  • The use and maintain of the sawblade

    ◎ The carbide tip of sawblade is very sharp, so process of using must be prevent the carbide tip.

    ◎ PeriodicaI cleaning and support the machine,the spindle’s running tolerance must be less than h7.

    ◎ The flanges must be parallel to each other,must be of the same diameter 1/3 of the sawblade’s diameter(formuIti—rip saw blade is 1/2.

    ◎ When instaIIion the sawbIade,it shaII be 5-6 teeth higher than board surface.

    ◎ Before operation,check the firmly of the sawblade,be sure nobody in front of the machine. Do not feed of operation check whether the machine is good for operaiton. Periodical check the function of the machine,the certicaI jump is less than ±0.02MM,and the flap is less than ±0.01.

    ◎ After continuous use,must be removed and cleaning the sawblade,get rid of the resin and sawdust of the sawblade of both sides.Other wise it would beinfluence the effect of using the sawblade.

    ◎ Deposit of the sawblade,must not be layer the sawblade,it is putted in the originaI package inside.

    The renovate of the sawbIade

    ◎ The renovate of the carbide sawblade While it no longer sharpen and the horizontaI piece coarseaess. The power of using sawblade machine obviously Increase. When process materiaI,the materiaI appearred burst. The carbide tip exhaust more than 0.02MM.

    ◎ For the renovate the sawblade,it shouId be grinding by the a formal company, so be sure the quality of the sawblade after renovating.