Non Magnetic Steel

  • Non-magnetic plate

    Non-magnetic plate

    Non-magnetic plate is a kind of high-strength austenitic non-magnetic die steel, which can maintain stable austenite in various states, they have very low permeability, high-temperature strength,hardness, and high wear resistance. But its mechanical processing performance is poor, so they need high temperature annealing to change the particle size and distribution of carbides. The use of gas nitrocarburizing heat treatment can further improve the surface hardness and wear resistance, thereby...
  • Non-magnetic flat bar

    Non-magnetic flat bar

     Non-magnetic flat steel is one of non-magnetic steel, which actually refers to steel that is not ferromagnetic and cannot be magnetized. Non-magnetic steel belongs to Fe-Mn-Al-C series austenite. The chemical composition determines the electromagnetic properties, the structure is stable, the mechanical properties are excellent, the magnetic permeability is low and the resistivity is high, and the eddy current loss in the magnetic field is extremely small. When the magnetic field intensity i...
  • Non-magnetic protection pipes

    Non-magnetic protection pipes

    The non-magnetic protection pipes is a sleeve for petroleum transmission, including a positioning ring. Two groups are arranged symmetrically, and the positioning ring includes a half ring body, the half ring body is symmetrically arranged with two groups before and after, and the bottom of the half ring body is connected to the connecting shaft. The inner wall surface of the half ring body is fitted with a sealing ring, and the top of the half ring body is provided with two sets of sealing ...
  • Non-magnetic hang sub

    Non-magnetic hang sub

    Factory Direct Supply LWD/MWD Non-magnetic hang sub includes an integral sub section. The integral sub section has an inner diameter that matches the instrument flow cylinder assembly, the probe tube and the centralizer set on the probe tube. The inner hole of the integral sub section has multiple step holes. The uppermost inner hole is equipped with an instrument flow tube assembly, the middle step hole is equipped with a probe tube, and the lowermost integral sub-section is used to isolate...
  • Non-magnetic spiral drill collars

    Non-magnetic spiral drill collars

    Non-magnetic spiral drill collars is based on the high torque performance of the drill pipe, using single spiral blade or double spiral blade, processed and welded by pre-stressed winding process. The high-quality alloy structural steel is selected and treated with real air conditioning, which greatly improves the fatigue strength and shear strength. Using advanced friction welding production technology, the drill collars has the characteristics of high bending strength and firm welding. The...
  • Non-magnetic flex drill collars

    Non-magnetic flex drill collars

    Non-magnetic flex drill collars are mainly used in horizontal directional drilling systems for tunnels in petroleum coal mines. Compared with Non-magnetic flex drill collars which is made of beryllium copper, the advantages of special alloy Non-magnetic flex drill collars are as follows: (1) Non-magnetic: It has the characteristics of non-magnetic. Under the condition of 20 Oersteds, its permeability is 1.00005-1.0001 H/m, and it will not be magnetized in a strong magnetic field; (2) Low den...
  • Non-magnetic drill collars

    Non-magnetic drill collars

    Non-magnetic drill collars are one of tools for oil and gas exploration, drilling and well drilling. In the process of drilling, the drilling tool is often magnetic and has a magnetic field, which affects the magnetic measuring instrument, then we cannot get the correct measurement information of the wellbore. The use of non-magnetic drill collars can creat a non-magnetic environment and has the characteristics of drill collars in drilling. A considerable number of non-magnetic drill collar ...
  • Non-magnetic pipes

    Non-magnetic pipes

    Non-magnetic pipes are forged and processed from non-magnetic round bars, which can be further processed into drill pipes, drill collars, suspensions and other products. Our company have two grades of non-magnetic pipes,P530 and P550. Our materials meet all the performance indicators on the market and reach international standards. For forging, the 1800T precision forging machine is adopted, hot forging first and then warm forging, we strictly control the temperature and deformation of forgin...
  • Non-magnetic round bar

    Non-magnetic round bar

    Corrosion resistance requirements: all non-magnetic products can pass the corrosion test specified in practice e of American material test standard a 262. Non magnetic: relative Permeability: max. 1.005 Hot spot / field gradient: max. 0.05 μ T Special treatment inner diameter: roller polishing.(after grinding the roll, a compression layer is formed) The advantages are as follows: increase corrosion resistance; Increase the surface hardness of the hole to HB400 and the surface finish of the h...
  • Non magnetic steel

    Non magnetic steel

    Non-magnetic steel is made of low-carbon high chromium manganese alloy steel having a good low magnetic permeability, high strength mechanical properties, excellent crystal corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. The relative magnetic permeability μr ≤ 1.010 of the non-magnetic steel, the inner hole of 100 mm is ≤0.05 μt.

  • API No magnetic crossover No magnetic casing

    API No magnetic crossover No magnetic casing

    There shall be no visually visible defects such as shrinkage holes, bubbles, cracks, inclusions, peeling, layering and white spots on the cross-sectional acid leaching low-power tissue test pieces of steel;
    Acid leaching low power tissue level: general loose, loose center, ingot segregation, dot segregation are not greater than 1.5 grade.

  • No magnetic crossover   Non Magncetic Steel

    No magnetic crossover Non Magncetic Steel

    We use plastic wrap, both ends of the material with anti – collision protection wire.If necessary, you can also add an
    anti-collision ring.There should be at least two iron frames in each group of two or three for fixing.