Nickel Series



    Description An alloy of 49% Cobalt, and 2% Vanadium, balance Iron. This alloy exhibits the highest magnetic saturation of any commercial alloy and excels in applications where this attribute is needed. This alloy has higher mechanical strength than other soft magnetic alloys. Permendur 2V is an alloy created by mixing 48-50% cobalt with iron (up to 2% vanadium can be added), it has a high permeability at high flux densities with a very high saturation point, its magnetic transition temperatur...
  • Super Invar 32-5

    Super Invar 32-5

    Description Super Invar 32-5(UNS K93500), a magnetic, austenitic, solid solution alloy containing iron, nickel, and cobalt, is designed to provide minimum thermal expansion at room temperatures. This alloy also exhibits austenite stability to service temperature at least -67°F and thermal expansion properties less than those of Invar 36 alloy (36% nickel-iron) when used in the -67/203℉(-55/95°C) temperature range. Applications for Super Invar 32-5 have included structural components for suppo...
  • Incoloy 925

    Incoloy 925

    Description INCOLOY alloy 925 (UNS N09925) is an age-hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper, titanium and aluminum. The alloy’s chemical composition, listed in Table 1, is designed to provide a combination of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The nickel content is sufficient for protection against chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking. The nickel, in conjunction with the molybdenum and copper, also gives outstanding resistance to reducing c...
  • Inconel C-276 / Hastelloy C-276

    Inconel C-276 / Hastelloy C-276

    Description INCONEL C-276 (UNS N10276 / W. Nr. 2.4819, NS334) is known for its corrosion resistance in a wide range of aggressive media. The high molybdenum content imparts resistance to localized corrosion such as pitting. The low carbon minimizes carbide precipitation during welding to maintain resistance to intergranular attack in heat-affected zones of welded joints. It is used in chemical processing, pollution control, pulp and paper production, industrial and municipal waste treatment a...
  • Ni95Al5 / Thermal spraying wire, NiAl95/5

    Ni95Al5 / Thermal spraying wire, NiAl95/5

    Description Electric-arc spraying backing wire, surface repairing for parts. it is in a wide range of alloys for high-temperature corrosion protection, bonding layers, build-up coating and sealing. State bright, spooled wire Chemical composition Ni:95%, Al:5% Applications Pre-alloy nickel-aluminum substrate material suitable for electric-arc spraying process; the coating is compact and has the resistance to high temperature and oxidation, anti-thermal shock and abrasion resistance, the bind...
  • Hymu80 (Permalloy80 / Mumetal)

    Hymu80 (Permalloy80 / Mumetal)

    Hymu80 is 80% nickel with additions of iron and molybdenum as main elements in turn this alloy offers an extremely high initial permeability.

  • Invar, Invar 36, NILO 36 & Pernifer 36 / UNS K93600 & K93601 / W. Nr. 1.3912

    Invar, Invar 36, NILO 36 & Pernifer 36 / UNS K93600 & K93601 / W. Nr. 1.3912

     Description Invar (also know as Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36 and Invar Steel) is a low expansion alloy consisting of 36% Nickel, balance Iron. Invar Alloy exhibits extremely low expansion around ambient temperatures, making Invar Alloy particularly useful in applications where minimum thermal expansion and high dimensional stability is required, such as in precision instruments like optoelectronic devices, optical and laser benches, electronics, and other kinds of scientific instruments. C...
  • Inconel 625

    Inconel 625

    Description IINCONEL nickel-chromium alloy 625 (UNS N06625 / W. Nr. 2.4856 / GH3625 / NS336) is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability (including joining), and outstanding corrosion resistance.  Service temperatures range from cryogenic to 1800°F (982°C). Limiting Chemical Composition, % Nickel  58.0 min. Chromium  20.0-23.0 Iron  5.0 max. Molybdenum  8.0-10.0 Niobium (plus Tantalum)  3.15-4.15 Carbon  0.10 max. Manganese  0.50 max. Silicon  0.50 max. Phosphoru...
  • Inconel X-750

    Inconel X-750

    Description Inconel X-750 (UNS N07750 / W. Nr. 2.4669 / GH4145 / NiCr15Fe7TiAl) is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy used for its corrosion and oxidation resistance and high strength at temperatures to 1300°F. Although much of the effect of precipitation hardening is lost with increasing temperature over 1300°F, heat-treated material has useful strength up to 1800°F. This kind of alloy also has excellent properties down to cryogenic temperatures.  Typical chemical composition ...
  • Soft Magnetic Alloy 1J85

    Soft Magnetic Alloy 1J85

    Description 1J85 is a kind of Fe-Ni soft magnetic alloy with high weak magnetic field permeability. It has high permeability and low coercivity in weak magnetic field. Widely used in radio electronics industry, precision instruments and meters, remote control and automatic control systems. Chemical Composition C P S Cu Mn Si Mo Ni Fe (≤) 0.03 0.020 0.020 0.20 0.30-0.60 0.15-0.30 4.8-5.2 79.0-81.0 Bal. Mechanical Properties Density (g/cm3) Electrical Resistivity(μΩ•m) Curie Poin...
  • NILO Alloy 42 / W. Nr.1.3917 / UNS K94100

    NILO Alloy 42 / W. Nr.1.3917 / UNS K94100

    Description A nickel-iron controlled-expansion alloy containing 42% nickel. It has a low and nominally constant coefficient of thermal expansion from room temperature to about 570°F (300°C). Used for semiconductor lead frames in integrated circuits, bi-metal thermostat strip, thermostat rods, for ceramic-to-metal seals with alumina ceramics, and various glass-to-metal seals such as the core of copper-clad wire for sealing into glass envelopes of electric bulbs, radio valves, television tubes,...
  • Monel 400

    Monel 400

    Description MONEL 400 (nickel-copper alloy, UNS N04400 / W. Nr. 2.4360 and 2.4361) is a solid-solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working. It has high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. Monel 400 is widely used in many fields, especially marine and chemical processing. Typical applications are valves and pumps, pump and propeller shafts, marine fixtures and fasteners, electrical and electronic components, ...